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Traveling to Europe For the First Time

Bonjour! Over the past few years, Aleks and I have traveled to many tropical places. Mostly because we love the beach but most notably for the all-inclusive perks. For my travel newbies: all-inclusive means that you pay one price for the cost of the flight, resort, food, drinks, and sometimes the airport shuttle to and from the resort. From a budget perspective, we know the cost of our trip upfront. Apple Vacations  is our preferred website to book our tropical holidays through. We always like to turn to  Expedia  and  Orbitz  to compare hotel and flight packages. Fortunately, last December Aleks allowed me to take over the planning process and pick my long-awaited destination: Paris! For those of you who know me, also know how long I have been fantasizing about this trip. Here is all I have to share regarding the logistics of my first excursion to the other side of the globe. I also added some personal  boujie  (or boogie ) illustrations. 😸 Booking a Flight For Europe,

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